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Addressing Parental Concerns

Addressing Parental Concerns


What happens if you miss an appointment?
If you miss a vaccination appointment, you do not have to start the course of vaccines again. The recommended gap between vaccines is an ideal - if you miss one, just make a new appointment as soon as you can.
My baby has a cold, should I cancel the vaccination appointment?
No. You only need to postpone your baby's vaccination visit if he or she has a high temperature.
Would it be safer to give the MMR vaccine one at a time?
MMR is recommended rather than single vaccines because it gives better protection to children. Separate vaccines could delay children being immunised and leave them open to infection. There is no link between MMR and bowel disease or autism.
I'm worried about giving so many vaccines to my baby when he is so young, can I wait until he is older?
By not giving vaccines at a young age, the risk of developing a disease is increased. Babies are at their greatest risk of developing vaccine-preventable diseases during the first 12 months of life. Early vaccination is crucial for the healthy development of your child.
Do multiple vaccines overload the baby's system?
No. Babies are exposed to more challenges to their immune system every day in the environment around them than from all of the vaccines contained in the routine immunisation schedule put together.
My baby's leg was red and sore after the last injection, does that mean he should not have the next set in response?
No, different vaccines are given at each visit and it is important that your baby receives the entire course to be adequately protected against disease. Although you may wish to talk to the person given the vaccination to identify which vaccine caused the reaction it is important to weigh up the temporary discomfort of an injection site reaction with the protection the vaccine gives.