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Acne develops when the skin starts to react abnormally to the male hormone testosterone, which everyone, male or female, has in varying amounts. During the teen years the levels of testosterone shoot up, ...
Each of the main conditions affecting the prostate gland has its own cause. BPH - The prostate gland is under the control of the male sex hormone called testosterone. In BPH, the testosterone either ...
... both ovaries were removed) • Missing periods for six months or more For men • Low levels of the male hormone testosterone For men and women • Long ...
... hormone called testosterone. As men get older, age-related hormonal changes are thought to cause an imbalance in the level of testosterone that stimulates the cells of the prostate gland to get bigger ...
... hormones such as oestrogen, testosterone and corticosteroids. With the exception of eggs, liver and kidneys very little cholesterol is found in foods. Most cholesterol is produced by the body in the liver ...
... type of baldness is thought to be related to an increased sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As people get older, DHT is thought to act on the hair follicles that make the hair, causing ...